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 Wholeness Is Who You Are.


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Wholeness – it's who we are.

Know You!

Who you are is not who you think you are. A construct of mind may inform your identity that you show to the world, but it cannot define, nor contain the totality of your conscious being. By releasing the mental constraints of who you think you are supposed to be you can begin to step back and into who you already are - Wholeness.

Embrace You!

As the saying goes, everyone else is already taken so you might as well embrace you. Again, not as a construct or comparison of mind identity, but as the unfolding of your own unique flowering. A bird, a tree, a flower doesn't question its being, it embraces itself and its expression fully. Now is your time to embrace you!

Discover You!

Do you like to sing, draw, or dance? Part of discovering your greater awareness in being starts with You taking time for You. Your innate being is beyond all fear constructs. The truth is, the only person who needs to accept you is You!


Soul You!

Our divine being or soul self is beyond the mind's capacity to define. Therefore, we usually only allow expression that our mind can define. This doesn't expand self-awareness but rather defines limits. Those limits, however, are only a definition of mind. Let go and Soul You!


"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself."

-Lao Tzu





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