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Ray Dawn

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- All session start times are as listed: 10am - 1pm - 3pm - 5pm - Phoenix, AZ local time

- Skype clients: please send a contact request via Skype to ray.dawn13

- Cancellations require a 48 hour notice. No shows are considered a session forfeiture

- All communications are intended for the sole use of your personal development practice

- Not intended as a replacement for clinical and'/or medical advice, procedures or therapies

- All written and audio session content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way

“My work is a hybrid of energy work and also informational transmissions, yes, the mind too is part of the healing partnership as habitual patterns and constructs limit states of harmony and Wholeness. An important component to your individual Wholeness is helping heal and bring to conscious awareness these unresolved root issues that are manifesting as your current challenges. Often, these deep inner realizations alone help shift the course of our lives toward a more compassionate understanding of ourselves. This understanding is also a powerful healing moment.”

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