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In 1993 I attended the World Unity Festival near the Grand Canyon, where I spoke with a Navajo medicine woman. I asked her, “How can we live when we are so separated from ourselves and the earth?” She told me, “We the Navajo... We weave, and as we weave we listen and spirit tells us what to do... This one sings, this one dances, this one drums. Find something that brings you joy, listen, and you will receive the answers you seek.”

After moving to Sedona in early 2009 I became a Master Practitioner in Integrative Energy Therapy, a powerful energy therapy system that gets the “issues out of the tissues”. It uses the violet angelic energy ray to work with your 12-strand DNA. I also attended numerous Channeling, Shamanic Training, Akashic Record, Psychic Awareness, Flower of Life, and Pleiadian Metaphysics Workshops.

My process has evolved thru years of working with the Ascended Masters, Angelic beings, Spirit guides, Galactic friends and family and loved ones that have passed over. We all have access to this amazing support system that is accessible to each of us.


This time of transformation is calling us forth to ride the wave of the multidimensional acceleration, while learning to manage and direct our own awakening consciousness .This process of awakening multi-dimensionally is about being empowered here in form.





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