Intuitive Readings & Channeled Sessions

Visionary Healing

Wholeness is Who You Are!

Visionary Healing is igniting the remembrance of who you really are- Wholeness. It is awakening your internal and expanded self-guidance. This internal guidance is continually awakening and expanding within each of us: as our soul’s path, divine purpose and unique gifts unfold in this lifetime. The practical process of Visionary Healing is accepting and embracing all aspects of ourselves on every level of our being. This acceptance reveals stepping stones in the present moment that joyfully guide us on our expanding self journey.


The process of self-acceptance involves witnessing the deepest levels of our subconscious and the life-long layers of patterned thinking, learned behavior and stored memories. With the power of choice, these disjointed patterns can be illuminated, accepted and harmonized.


These disjointed patterns can be revealed as unique characteristics or archetypes that relate to our strengths and challenges in our current period of life, yet we are all wholeness in reality. These archetypes are to be accepted, blessed, loved and forgiven. In doing so, the path of re-aligning with our own Wholeness can begin.


In Wholeness, life experiences are integrated on the level of the heart-mind-soul. When fear dominates we redirect experience only through the rationality of the mind and inadvertently cut off our intuitive feelings and our authentic full presence. By returning to a heart-centered focal point we shift from fear of change to an innate trust and faith in our purposeful path.


It is always your choice and your timing to align with your natural flow. By allowing this natural state of Wholeness within we naturally radiate our full expression of being.